Girl meets world addresses Cultural appropriation

this is actually embarassingly wrong, though. sure, she looks tacky but this is a purely white liberal construct we’re looking at here. generally speaking, people in contemporary japan aren’t going to see something like that as misappropriation, and it hardly makes sense to even try to look at it that way because harajuku is, you know, a shopping district that sells mass produced clothing. maybe this girl is doing something else noxious in the episode, but what’s presented here just isn’t that.

there is of course a line in the sand, and in this case in specific it’s basically between nicki minaj and gwen stefani. nicki was, and maybe still does, calling herself harajuku barbie because she’s drawn a lot of inspiration for her looks from the bright, colourful styles of the district. a district in a wealthy industrialized nation. there’s no real difference between that and calling herself rodeo drive barbie or camden square barbie. gwen stefani, you know, was paying asian women to follow her around like ornaments. that’s a problem.

i get kind of suspicious when people, especially in mainstream tv, overwhelmingly go after “weaboos” as soft targets because it seems like a smokescreen to avoid going after the actually deeply troublesome and normalized acts of commodifying and trivializing marginalized groups.

also, a teacher dragging a teenage girl that hard in front of her entire class is fucked up.

WTF, saying white people can’t wear “Harajuku” fashion is the same as saying only people from London can wear punk or only people from Hawaii can wear board shorts.

If she was wearing a bad kimono and shitty “geisha” face paint THAT would be cultural appropriation. Modern street style is not some kind of cultural tradition!

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Erica Elan Ciganek is a graduate of North Park University where she majored in both Art and Conflict Transformation (Class of ’13). She took her first painting class senior year of high school, and has, with great interest, participated as this passion grew. She works mainly in the medium of oil paint, but is simultaneously interested in film photography, music, and drawing.

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My mother, while talking to one of the dogs, just uttered the phrase “come at me bro.”

I am visibly distressed. She just said to me: “what? haven’t you seen those cute little cartoons that say that?”

I have to leave. I have to run away. I cannot live here anymore. My mom has found the worst of memes.

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Classmate: How can you celebrate Christmas if you don't believe in God?

Me: How can you celebrate Valentine's Day if no one likes you?